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Beam Angles

Beam Angles

The beam angle of a LED lamp refers to the measure of the spread of the light source and is simply stated in degrees. This is a great feature of LED lamps as the individual LED's can be arranged in a manner to alter the angle of the light beam. To make the most of your LED lamps, it is best to purchase a lamp with a specific beam angle depending on its use. Beam angles can be in the range of 15 , 30, 45 and 60 degrees.

 Light Intensity

It is important to note that the greater the beam angle, the smaller the intensity of light will be available at a set distance from the light source. Hence if you are purchasing a LED lamp rated at a minimal 3W, then choosing a smaller beam angle such as 15 or 30 degrees is more suitable. Choosing a large beam angle for a low powered LED lamp will result in a dull look.

 Small beam Angles

Smaller beam angles are generally those that are 30 degrees or less. It is recommended that any LED downlight or spotlight that is less than 5W be in this beam angle range to maintain sufficient light intensity. Smaller beam angle LED's are used when a focused beam of light is preferred. People generally use smaller beam angles when placing two or more LED downlights close to each other. The smaller beam angles prevent the light beams from intersecting with each other. Small beam angles also work well in groups of LED downlights or spotlights placed near walls.

 Large Beam Angle

Larger beam angles are generally those that are greater than 30 degrees. Large beam angles are more suited for high powered LED lamps. These are lamps that are rated greater than 5W. Large beam angles work well for LED downlights and spotlights that a spaced far from each other. Large beam angles are also great for low ceilings as they help to maintain a fairly large spot of light on the floor. The choice between small or large beam angles is a personal preference and depends on how you would like the light beam to be focused.

 Why do some LED bulbs have 120 Degree beam angles?

LED bulbs which have large beam angles in the 120 degree range are designed to disperse the light as much as possible in the same manner as traditional incandescents and fluoroscents. These bulbs are perfect for lighting small rooms such as pantries or for the general replacement of incandescent and fluoroscent bulbs.

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